General Information For Artists & Vendors


Q. What hotel do I book and is there a discounted rate?

A. By popular demand, we finally offer a hotel within walking distance to the convention. There are plenty of brand new shops/ restaurants in the area. You will be able to enjoy walking to after parties as well. All of our exhibitors are encouraged to stay with us at the brand new Westin Hotel. Special pricing is offered for our Artists,Vendors and Spectators. They are currently taking reservations with our special pricing for our event till 8/20/19.



400 West Las Colinas Boulevard, Irving, TX 75039

Q. What is the best way to communicate with the Dallas Team?

A. The best way to reach us is via e-mail. We do occasionally check our Instagram & Facebook how ever we can’t guarantee you will receive a response from us. Lastly, please be patient with us as we receive a high volume of e-mails every day and are trying our best to respond in a timely manner.

Q. Insurance/Liability:

A. We have had several people asking for clarification regarding insurance coverage.

  • Insurance: All booths are responsible for their own Liability and Theft protection insurance. This can be bought online, or you can check to see if you are covered already under your current policy.

  • Liability Insurance: If you are an artist or vendor you are required to cover your booth with liability insurance. All signed waivers are your responsibility and you are liable. Age 18+ only on tattoos and piercings for this show. You will need to provide your clients with waiver forms to sign and release liability. We will have some extras if needed but supply will be limited. This is ultimately your responsibility.

  • Here are two possible resources for Coverage:


Q. Medical Licensing/Certifications:


  • Texas state law requires ALL artists to comply with health code. Please make sure all your artists are current on their Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate, and your shop carries liability insurance.

  • Setup/Breakdown Sanitation Requirements: We like to see NEW bags /barriers on all clip cords, machines, wash bottles, etc. Everything must be sprayed with Cavicide or equivalent disinfectant after each tattoo for 3 minutes+.

    We reserve the right to deny your permission to tattoo if artists are reported for unsanitary practises.

Q. Vendor Licensing-

A. If you are a vendor you will need:

  • Proper vendor licensing and Tax ID if you plan to sell products.

  • If you are an artist or vendor you are required to cover your booth with liability insurance(please see above for details).

Q. Where do I park?

A. Artist/Vendors please contact us to find out how to obtain your Vendor Parking Pass. Click Here to receive your pass.

  • Additionally covered parking is available in the Irving Convention Center’s garage for $12 per day with in and out privileges.

  • We recommend staying at one of the hotels on the premises so you can walk to the show

Q. What date and time is vendor load in?

A. Load in is Friday 10am-2pm- Please be setup and ready by 3:30pm as doors open at 4pm.

  1. Load in is not allowed past 2pm to ensure that everyone has time to get settled and ready for show time. *If your travel plans or schedule do not agree with this please contact us personally and we are happy to try our best to accomodate you.

  2. You are allowed to tattoo before the doors open if you have an appointment. We just ask that you please comply with our setup time frame.

    Artists/vendors have access to that back parking lot to load and unload for their booth space and that is it. Once you are done you will have to move to parking garage.

Q. How eaarly can I start tattooing?

A. You can start tattooing an hour before doors open to the public.

  • Saturday 9/14/19 - Doors open at 12pm so you can start at 11am.

  • Sunday 9/15/19 - Doors open at 12pm so you can start at 11am.

Q. What does the Registration/Check In process look like?

A. Registration:

It is very important in order to streamline the check in process that there is only ONE designated person to sign in and pick up your registration packet. We highly recommend you communicate with your booth partner(s).

  • You will not be allowed to setup until you have checked in.

  • Please fill this form out and send it back to us by 9/9/19

  • You will need an ID

  • You will need your Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate at check in.

Q. Where do I get additional tickets for my client, significant other, apprentice etc?

A. Each booth purchases comes with a set amount of passes. So Don't forget to purchase a ticket for your friends, family, or significant other before the day of the show! Tickets can be purchased using the attached link. We recommend purchasing them before Presale pricing ends on September 1, 2019. After that tickets will be $25 at the door. Additional tickets will not be sold at registration. To keep things running smoothly, you will be directed to the ticket booth with the general public. Tickets: