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Will be current on show dates N/A We are not tattooing or piercing
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All booths are responsible for their own Liability and Theft protection insurance. This can be bought online, or you can check to see if you are covered already under your current plan.
Please note: Texas state law requires ALL artists to comply with health code. Please make sure all your artists are current on their Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate, and your shop carries liability insurance. We reserve the right to deny our permission to tattoo if artists are reported for unsanitary practices. We like to see NEW bags on all clip cords, machines, wash bottles and everything must be sprayed with Cavicide or adequate disinfectant after each tattoo. • If you are a vendor you will need to have your proper vendor licensing and tax ID if you plan to sell products. • If you are an artist or vendor you are required to cover your booth with liability insurance. All signed waivers are your responsibility and you are liable. 18+ only on tattoos and piercings for this show.