Advertise your business to the public!

Our first year in 2013 we had almost 1,000 people attend our show. With little expierence this was a great sucess and the team knew we could only get better each year. 2014 we doubled the space and doubled the attendance with over 2000 people over 3 days. Then last year we had our best year yet 2500 attendees with new sponsors, top level artists and a repeat client base. Some artists attend every year and have nothing but great things to say. Your booth cost and most of your trip expenses are tax deductable. 



Network with Artists and Vendors 

There is always a great vibe at conventions. Its fast paced and you can meet hundreds of people in a single day if you want. There are many conventions in Texas but only a few great ones that will last. 

The booth cost can be split with a business associate to save on overall costs. On the other hand if you know you need more space feel free to upgrade to a 10x20 space. 

If your visiting Dallas to promote your business you will be astounded at the size of this city and how much business there is here. If your a local, then there is no better way of promoting then attending a convention where you can use your personality to show clients why to use your product or services.