All of our exhibitors are encouraged to stay with us at the NYLO south side hotel. Use group code : Dallas Tattoo on the website. 

1325 s lamar, Dallas, TX 75215


Shuttle Service 

The NYLO offers shuttle service to and from Fair Park where the convention will be. If you having trouble with shuttle times a cab ride is 7 minutes and costs about $12, UBER is about $7


After Party

Stay tuned for more info on after parties. The hotel itself has a rooftop bar and pool so artists and vendors are encouraged to meet up each night and relax a bit. There is also a lower bar and restaurant on the first level. 


Spacious Rooms

We know there are a ton of hotel and motel options in Dallas. We encourage everyone to stay with us at the NYLO hotel, and hope you won't be disappointed. This space is beautiful and one of a kind. The view of downtown is an amazing sight to see and we are always impressed with the service we get from the hotel staff.