The toughest and best tattoo competition in Texas! Bring your A- Game!

Past years winners include: "

“David Vega, Zack Singer, Matt Curzon, Quin Hernandez, Jason Call, Randy Englehard, Sarah Miller, Tye Harris, Danny G, Cory Salls, Mat Valles" and many more talented tattoo artists! Please scroll to the bottom for contest rules.

Best of Show :  wins $1000 cash prize and magazine publication from Texas Inked Mag! 

Contest Schedule:



Categories (starts at 8:45pm)


      Animal/ wildlife

  Texas Themed

Dia de los Muertos



Movie/ Comic

Tattoo of the Day -Must be started and finished same day as entry


SATURDAY (starts at 4pm)


   Small Color                 1-3

Black and grey portrait 1-3

Color Portrait 1-3

   Medium Color             1-3

  Small Black & Grey     1-3

 Medium Black and Grey   1-3

   Small Traditional         1-3

Neo Traditional 1-3

Job stopper 1-3

New School 1-3

   Lettering                     1-3

Tattoo of the Day -Must be started and finished same day as entry


SUNDAY (starts at 2pm)


      Sleeve/ Leg

    Star Wars Theme

        Back piece

        Chest/ Stomach

         Side/ Ribs        

Realistic 1-3

      Large Color              1-3

      Large Black & Grey  1-3

      Large Traditional       1-3

Japanese                  1-3

       Best Rose / floral 1-3

Overall Male

         Overall Female 

Tattoo of the Day -Must be started and finished same day as entry

Best In Show

Contest Entry Fees:

General Categories -$10

Tattoo of the day -$20

Best In Show- $30

Contest Rules:

1. Only one tattoo per category per day! If you have a rose you can not enter that into “Small Color” and “Realistic”, you must choose one category. If you have 2 roses on different parts of your body then you can pick which one goes in each category. 

2. Tattoo of the Day and best of show, basically can break rule 1. You can enter 2 categories and win in up to 2 categories since these are bonus categories. Ex: If you tattoo a rose(or have one )you can enter it into small color,  best of day and best of show. And possibly win all 3. 

3. No sore losers, running a contest is not easy and the decisions are based on opinions. This is not like a race with a clear winner, sometimes we make tough calls. If you act like an idiot you will not be invited back. Police and security will be happy to show you out if there are any problems. 

4. If you enter the competition and are not present at the time you are called up, then you will be eliminated without a refund. Artists do not need to be present, the client who wins is responsible for getting the award to the right hands. 

5.  Contest entry deadlines are firm. Please don’t harass our staff. They are just doing what they are told so don’t try to put them in a bad position because you are feeling entitled.



Small = 5x7 or smaller

Medium = smaller than paper size 8.5x11

Large = larger than a piece of paper 8.5x 11

Hand-made awards for every category! 

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